Survival Update 2: Perks of the Jobs

Posted on Apr 21, 2019

New Survival Map “Zen Garden”

Zen Garden is definitely the best looking map in and is currently the feature map in the Survival map. If features 2 big bases with 6 lanes of attack for the enemy spawns. We’ll likely be creating a version of this map for our TDM mode

Added Perks System

The new perk system rewards player for continued play in each class with Access to both general and class-specific perks. There are currently 13 perks available to each class, with 1 unlocking every level. We intend to add more perks at a later date, but we want to get these in the hands of players for testing first.

My Personal favorite setup: Soldier
Perk 1: M10 Shotgun Secondary
Perk 2: Akimbo Secondary
Perk 3: Extended Mags

Basically, I have 50 rounds of semi-auto buck shot on tap with an assault rifle for the longer-ranged shots

New Survival Enemies:

Bomb Car - Fast Moving Bomb car that rushes its target and explodes on impact. Can also be shot and blown up by players.

Akimo Medium Enemy - Targets player with rapid fire akimbo weapons weapons

Weapon/Fortification Updates:

  • Increased Prices of Reaper Missile, Chopper Gunner, and God’s Hammer Strike packages

  • Updated Chopper gunner to fire 2 fast moving missiles that create a smaller explosion on impact.

  • Slight Increase to Drone Prices

  • Nerfed Healing Drone’s healing rate. Now 8 hp/s

  • Increased pellet count on M10 shotgun from 6 to 7

  • Added slight base inaccuracy and firing inaccuracy over time to P9 pistol

Bug Fixes and Other General Updates:

  • Fixed a bug with the bases that would cause an early game-over in survival on Long Beach

  • Added a raycast hit check for explosions so they no longer damage players through walls

  • Updated movement animations

  • Blades properly spin on Chopper Gunner

  • General UI updates

Future Plans

Dedicated Servers

We’re currently working on implementing Dedicated Servers for public matches using Google’s Cloud Computing Services (Google Cloud Platform). We’ll be testing this setup with a new large-scale multiplayer mode called “War”.

War Mode

War will be a 24v24* game mode that combines elements of Versus Multiplayer and the Survival mode that pits the 2 teams against each other in an objective-based game mode. The current plan to create traditional MOBA style arena with 2 teams, bases, towers, minion spawns, etc. This mode will be perk enabled and allow players to build and buy fortifications (like in survival). We’re hoping to make this the premier gametype of, so we will be relying heavily on player feedback for this.

Android Mobile Version

We're internally testing the Android mobile version of the game and are hoping to release a public version on the Google Play store by the end of May

New Character Classes

We’d like to Add 2 new character classed by the end of July, likely after the War mode update. The 2 classes we’re currently planning on creating are a “Grenadier” class and a “Paramedic” class. The Grenadier will have access to 3 grenade type that she can throw in an arc (potentially over walls/cover) or roll on the ground in a line. The Paramedic class will be a dedicated healing character with a primary weapon that locks onto friendly players and provides a steady stream of healing, until the battery runs out. They will also have access to 3 healing abilities, 1 of which will be able to revive players!