Survival Update Part 1

Posted on Dec 17, 2018

Hi Everyone,

This weekend we release the first part of our plan to overhaul the Survival mode for Warlrods.IO! The main feature of this update is the addition of Strike Packages! Strike packages can be split into 2 categories: UAVs & Drones.

The UAVs include the Reaper Missile, Attack Chopper, and G.O.D.S. Hammer. These are player-controlled single use "Strikes" that the player can purchase and use to level large amounts of difficult enemies. 

The list of Drones includes an MG Drone, a   Laser Drone, and a   Healing Drone. Drones can provide the player with addition firepower and sustainability in the battlefield, but are easily destroyed by explosives and are also destroyed if the player dies.

Additionally, we've added a new 2 new barricades for players to build their defenses with: the U-Wall and Razor wire

We've also added 2 new turrets, a Flame Turret and a Rocket Turret, that are highly effective against groups of enemies at close and long range, respectively.

Finally, we've buffed the MP16 secondary, since we felt it was vastly out gunned by the P9 at long and mid-range. We want the MP16 to be something of a pocket AR, that players with long range weapons can utilize as a reliable CQB to mid-range automatic in the early levels. We've buffed the base damage from 7 to 11 and tightened up the overall accuracy.

Hop back into your favorite survival maps and give the added firepower a try to see if you can top your previous high scores in the leader boards!

We're working on Part 2 of our Survival overhaul, and expect to ship it before the end of the year. Part 2 will feature the addition of "Perks" players can choose from for their class to add some form of buff in the survival mode. These buffs can range from a lump sum of starting cash, to increased maximum health, to increased turret damage, or to decreased barricade costs. Perks will be locked by default, but will be unlocked as the player gains experience for that class through play time (Experience which we are already tracking with Steam Stats and players are already earning through gameplay in all modes). We hope this will add a new dynamic and to the character class selection and give players something to grind towards. We're contemplating the use of the Perks in the upcoming war mode, and would love to here your feedback on this!

Patch Notes:

~ Reorganized the Survival Fortifications Wheel into three sections

  • Barricades
  • Turrets
  • Strike Packages


+ Added U-Wall

+ Added Razor Wire


+ Added Flame Turret

+ Added Rocket Turret

Strike Packages

+ Added Reaper Missile

+ Added Attack Chopper

+ Added G.O.D.S. Hammer

+ Added MG Drone

+ Added Laser Done

+ Added Healing Drone

~ Reworked Explosion hit-detection and animation to provide more consistent damage and player feedback

~ Buffed the MP16 Secondary

~ Fixed Fortification menu clipping world objects

Again, thank you all for your continued support of this project and we can't wait to see you on the battlefield!