Character Classes


Health: 250HP (+50HP / lvl)

Speed: 14u (1.0u / lvl)

The soldier class is the jack of all trades, master of none, class and is the recommend class for beginners. The soldier has access to various assualt rifles that work in most every situation, ranging from a hard hitting slow rate of fire AK, to a spray and pray Bulldog. His three abilities offer you a choice between high sustainability or high burst damage.


Stim Shot

The Stim Shot allows the soldier to heal a large portion of health when there's no health packs around so as to stay in the firefight as long as possible. The slight speed boost from the Stim Shot also makes it a valid tactical retreat tool.


Upon activation, the soldier instantly reloads his primary and dual-weilds a duplicate primary in his off-hand. The soldier will fire both primaries simultaneously for a punishing stream of lead.

Rocket Launcher

The Soldier equips a Rocket Launcher with 1 shot. This Rocket launcher deals 100 damage on impact, and 320 damage that decreases with range over 18u


Health: 300HP (+60HP / lvl)

Speed: 12u (.6u / lvl)

The Heavy class is for those who aren't afraid of a firefight and like to play slow and tanky. While slower than the rest, the Heavy has the highest potential health with ability that promote high sustainability and less dependency on health packs and healing.



For players who want to be toughest tank on the block, the overheal ability is a passive stat buff that players can level to increase their health even further and gain damage reduction on incoming damage

Riot Shield

The Riot Shield ability grants players access to a time-limited use riot shield which completely block bullets. Players continue to weild their primary and can fire and reload while holding the Riot Shield. Players suffer a movement penalty while using the Riot Shield.

MG Turret

Stand your ground and place an MG turret that fires at 1000 rpm and deals 8 dmg per bullet. Players cannot move while using the MG turret, but can cancel out of the ability by switching weapons. The MG turret is only usable for a limited time.


Health: 200HP (+40HP / lvl)

Speed: 14u (.8u / lvl)

The Engineer utilizes an array of placeable equipment to gain a tactial advantage in any firefight. The Engineer is often found using a combat shotgun to punish enemies that get to close, or push them into a nearbye trap.



The Engineer places an automated sentry turret that targets enemies within 24u. The Turret shoots at 180 rpm (+18 rpm/lvl) and deals 10 dmg (+1 dmg/lvl) per bullet. The Turret is indestructible but only lasts for 15 seconds (+1 sec/lvl).

Trip Mine

The Engineer can place a trip mine that deals 120 dmg (+20 dmg/lvl) over 18u. The trip mine takes 1 second to arm after placing it. The trip mine can then be triggered by enemies minions, enemy players, and even the Engineer if not careful.

Healing Station

For the team (or self) focused Engineer, the Healing Station is a placable equipment that heals both the player and any teammates within 18u. The healing station heals friendlies for 15HP(+1 HP/lvl) every second for 8 Seconds (+1 sec/lvl).


Health: 160HP (+20HP / lvl)

Speed: 16u (1u / lvl)

The Marksman is the least durable class, but it more than makes up for it with damage potential. The Marksman has access to high-powered designated marksman rifles that can eliminate targets in the blink of an eye. A good marksman dips in and out combat, striking on his terms, and eliminating targets before they even know where he is.



The Cloak ability turns the Marksman almost completey invisible and near impossible for enemies to see. Enemy minions will lose track of the Marksman and connot target him while he's cloaked. The Marksman can continue to shoot his weapons as normal, but gunfire can reveal your position.

Poison Darts

Prevent your Target from escaping with poison tipped ammo. The Marksman begins shooting poison ammo that applies a brief speed debuff to the target per bullet. The more damage the bullet does, the more it slows the enemy hit. Enemies hit by enough posion ammo can be completely stopped if hit with enough poison.


The Awareness ability lets the player know exactly where enemy players are at by drawing a line, only visible to the Marksman, from the player's location to enemy players' locations. The thicker the line is, the closer the enemy player is.

In survival mode, the awareness abaility will instead provide the player with bird's eye view camera.