Weapons of Warlords.io

In Warlords.io, players have access to a wide array of weapons to

Power Weapons / Pick-up Weapons

Power Weapons, or pick-up weapons, are weapons that are found by the player(s) at weapon spawns place on the map. Most maps contain at least one weapon spawn that spawns a weapon every 45 seconds, after a weapon has been picked up. Power weapons are brutally punishing weapons that require more skill to use than starting weapons. Once the magazine has been depleted, the player dies, or the player switches weapons, the power weapon is destroyed.

Rocket Launcher

Damage: 320 dmg over 18u (+150 dmg direct impact)
Rate of Fire: 60 rpm
Magazine: 6 Rockets

The Rocket Launcher is a classic power weapon that fires slower moving Rocket projectiles that exlpode on impact with enemies and walls. On impact, the Rocket will do 150 damage and will then explode dealing 320 damage at the center, dropping of over 18u. Be careful not to blow yourself up when using the Rocket Launcher!


Damage: 18 per bullet
Rate of Fire: 1000rpm (starts at 100rpm, 10 shots to spin up)
Magazine: 120 Bullets

The Chaingun is designed to spray a constant stream of lead at a target, or a group of enemies. The Chaingun can deal up to 300 damage per second, but take a second to spin up to max rpm. The Chain gun is great for quickly melting bosses for bonus xp or pushing a group of enemies back.

Plasma Rifle

Damage: 80 per plasma
Rate of Fire: 180 plasma per minute
Magazine: 45 Plasma Shots

The Plasma Rifle fires projectiles that move slower than normal bullets, but faster than rockets. The slower projectile movement requires the user to have to lead their shots a bit more than usual, but the large Plasma Shots make it easier to hit targets and hit harder than most bullets.

Laser Rifle

Damage: 10 dmg
Rate of Fire: 1800 rpm
Magazine: 300 (or 10 seconds of continuous fire)

The Laser Rifle does not fire a projectile, but instead fires a continuous Laser Beam that deals damage while on target. The point and kill functionality of this weapon makes this one of easiest weapons to use, as well as one of the deadliest.

Flame Thrower

Damage: 120 (over 3 seconds)
Rate of Fire: 300
Magazine: 60

The Flame Thrower is a terrifying weapon that fires a large flame that reaches out 22u. When the Flame Thrower hits an enemy it a applies a burn effect to the target that deals 6 damage every .5 seconds for 3 seconds. Multiple burn effects can be applied and the damage stacks dramatically, melting anyone who doesn't respect (or fear) the Fire.

Class Primary Weapons

Each class has access to 3 class specifc primary weapons that compliment the classes play style. While these weapons are class specific, each of the weapons a player can choose for their class have enough diversity to still allow the player to play the way they want. Players have unlimited spare ammo for these weapons, but must reload when empty. Pro Tip: Reload early so your not caught with only a few bullets in your mag.

Soldier Weapons

The soldier has access to 3 assault rifles, all of which work well at medium range, but some fair better at closer or longer ranges.


Damage: 16 (+1 dmg/lvl)
Rate of Fire: 400 (+30 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 30 (+2 Bullets/lvl
Reload Time: 2 seconds

Simple, Solid, all-around rifle that works in most situations and can be upgraded to easily adjust to any play style. Features the fastest reload in its class.


Damage: 28 (+2 dmg/lvl)
Rate of Fire: 260 (+24 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 24 (+2 bullets/lvl)
Reload Time: 2.5 seconds

A slow firing rifle with the highest damage potential in its class. The AK rewards users who can accurately hit their targets on a consitent basis.


Damage: 9 (+1 dmg/lvl)
Rate of Fire: 600 (+40 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 60 (+4 bullets/lvl)
Reload Time: 2.25 seconds

With the highest rate of fire in its class, user can spray and pray with confidence when using the bulldog. With the lowest damage in its class though, a few points into damage can go a long way.

Heavy Weapons

The Heavy has access to 2 LMGs that are great for laying down a constant stream of lead, as well as an SMG that has a smaller mag but one of the fastest reload times in game.


Damage: 13 (+1 dmg/lvl)
Rate of Fire: 400 (+40 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 100 (+10 bullets/lvl)
Reload Time: 5 seconds

The Saw is the well rounded LMG with a large magazine for laying down a constant stream of lead. The Saw is good and most situation, but is upgradable enough to work well in any situation.


Damage: 40 (+2 dmg/lvl)
Rate of Fire: 180 (+6 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 60 (+2 bullets/lvl
Reload Time: 6 seconds

The 60MG is a hard hitting beast of an LMG. The slower rate of fire rewards user who consitantly hit their target (similar to the Soldier's AK).


Damage: 14 (+1 dmg/lvl)
Rate of Fire: 500 (+25 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 26 (+2 bullets/lvl)
Reload Time: 1.35 seconds

For the Heavy who doesn't like long reload times, the LRAD is compact, fast-firing SMG that can still deal as much damage as SAW or a Soldier's AR.


The Engineer has access to 3 Combat Shotguns that punish enemies as close range, but have varying effectiveness at range. Each shotgun handles differently based on: Pellet Range, Shot Spread, and Pellet Count


Damage (per Pellet): 13 (+1 dmg/lvl)
Pellet Count: 9 pellets
Shot Spread: 12°
Rate of Fire: 60 (+6 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 6 (+1 Shot/lvl)
Reload Time: 0.3 seconds per shell (+1.2 seconds when empty)
Range: 86u

The aptly name Pump-Shotty is a pump action that can deal incredible damage even at longer ranges thanks to its tight spread. Players who master this weapon and its quirks are force to be reckoned.


Damage (per Pellet): 12 (+1 dmg/lvl)
Pellet Count: 6 pellets
Shot Spread: 16°
Rate of Fire: 90 (+9 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 10 (+1 shot/lvl)
Reload Time: 3 seconds
Range: 72u

The M10 shotgun is a respectable semi-auto shotgun that works well in face-off, but can still hit targets at a decent range


Damage (per Pellet): 6 (+1 dmg/lvl)
Pellet Count: 13 pellets
Shot Spread: 24°
Rate of Fire: 120 (+12 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 16 (+2 shots/lvl)
Reload Time: 3.5 seconds
Range: 50u

For the Engineer who never wants to miss, the AS16 is the automatic room clearing shotgun for you. Walk into any room and bully your enemy with unrelenting fire.


The Marksman utilizes 3 distinct designated marksman rifles that can dish out massive damage at longer ranges and reward precision and timing.


Damage: 40 (+4 dmg/lvl)
Rate of Fire: 120 (+8 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 15 (+1 Bullet/lvl)
Reload Time: 2 seconds per shell

A standard issue designated marksman rifle that works well in most situations and is easily configurable to the users preferences.


Damage: 80 (+6 dmg/lvl)
Rate of Fire: 75 (+6 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 6 (+1 bullet/lvl)
Reload Time: 2.25 seconds

A slower firing bolt action rifle, the SR6 requires slightly more patience than the DMR, but rewards marksmanship with brutal damage. Some players have been found to work the bolt faster by quickly switching their weapons. Makes no sense how, but they do.


Damage: 120 (+16 dmg/lvl)
Rate of Fire: n/a
Magazine: 1 bullet
Reload Time: 1.75 seconds

50C users embrace the "one shot, one kill" mentality with this monster of a sniper rifle. The 50C needs to reload after every shot, most enemies are dead before you start reloading. Don't hesitate to switch to the trusty side-arm, if you miss...

Secondary Weapons

Along-side a class-specific primary, players have access to a number of secondary weapons that are available to all character classes. Secondaries can act as a good "fall back" weapon to use instead of reloading, or provide additional variety to a class.


Damage: 24 (+1 dmg/lvl)
Rate of Fire: 150 (+15 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 9 (+1 bullet/lvl)
Reload Time: .8 seconds

A quick-switch hard hitting pistol great for finishing of targets at decent ranges that has the fastest weapon reload speed. A great compliment to the engineer's shotguns.


Damage: 8 (+1 dmg/lvl)
Rate of Fire: 400 (+20 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 16 (+2 Bullet/lvl)
Reload Time: 1.75 seconds

A compact automatic pistol that's great for spraying enemies with lead and closer ranges. Often best paired with slower firing marksman weapons.


Damage (per pellet): 13 (+1 dmg/lvl)
Pellet Count: 7 pellets
Shot Spread: 40°
Rate of Fire: 400 (+20 rpm/lvl)
Magazine: 2 shots
Reload Time: 2 seconds

A sawed-off double barrel shotgun that can be quickly pulled to dump massive damage at rushing targets. Pairs well with most weapons, but some players have been found using along-side a 50C for a brutal burst damage.