Survival Mode

Survival is co-operative mode in which a team of up to 8 Players must defend 1, or multiple, bases from endless waves of enemies that increase in size and strength. The number of players in the lobby will also affect the number of enemies per wave. While the waves may be endless, they do follow a 5 wave pattern. Note: Waves of the 5 wave pattern also contain all of the other enemies from the prior waves of the 5 wave pattern.

Wave 1: Minor Enemies

The first wave of every five will only contain Minor Enemies. These enemies are quite weak and can easily be dispatched with starting weapons.

Wave 2: Medium Enemies

A group of Medium Enemies will join the fight along-side the minor enemies. These enemies are usually slightly more buffed up minor enemies.

Wave 3: Major Enemies

A small group (2 or more) Major Enemies will lead the charge along-side the growing horde of medium and minor enemies. Major Enemies are stronger than medium enemies and tend to wield power weapons like the Rocket Launcher or Plasma Rifle.

Wave 4: A Larger Horde

Much more Minor Enemies, several more Medium Enemies, and a couple more Major Enemies... Good luck withstanding this horde.

Wave 5: Boss Wave

On wave 5, a Boss will join the Horde enemies. Your team will need to find him and focus on taking him down before he kills your team or destroys your base.


If you die during a wave in Survival mode, you will not respawn until your team successfully completes the wave. If your entire team dies, the match ends. Sometimes, it's better for your team to let the base take some damage, or let one of the bases get detroyed, and run away to regroup and retaliate. Fight together, survive together, or die together!


Players can purchase several fortifications to help defend a location, ranging from simple wall structures to automated turrets. Players can pick up money dropped by enemies and are rewarded for surviving at the end of the round.



A simple single wall that can take 480 dmg

Corner Wall

Two walls at a 90 degree angle that can take 960 dmg

Peeker's Wall

A wall that can take 780 dmg with a waist high barriers on each side.

The Cube

A big chunk of concrete that can take a whopping 2000 dmg for when you need a big wall between you and your enemies

Razor Wire

Razor sharp wire that deals 10 dmg every .25 sec and slows enemies down to 20% movement speed when they walk through it


2 full walls with a waist high barrier in the center that can take 960 dmg. Great for fortifying turrets.


MG Turret

An automated machinegun turret that targets the closest enemy within 36u and shoots bullets that deal 6 dmg at a rate of 300rpm

Plasma Turret

An automated Plasma turret that targets the closest enemy within 36u and shoots plasma balls that deal 60 dmg at a rate of 60rpm

Flame Turret

An automated Flame turret that targets the closest enemy within 16u and shoots a cone of fire that applies a burn effect every .2 seconds that deal 60 dmg over 2.4 seconds


An explosive device that is activated by enemy movement that deals 300 DMG in an 18u radius

Healing Station

A healing station that heals players for 8HP/sec but can only take 200 dmg

MG Turret

An automated Rocket turret that targets enemies within 48u and shoots Rockets every second, that explode on impact, and deal 360 dmg in a radius of 9u

Strike Packages

Reaper Missile

A player controlled missile that flies downward at 90u per second and explodes on impact dealing 1600 dmg over an 18u radius

Attack Chopper

A player controlled MG turret that fires 5 bullets in a distinct pattern at 480 rpm with each bullet dealing 30 Dmg

G.O.D.S. Hammer

A player controlled Low-Orbit Sattelite directed-energy weapon that melts enemies within its beam...

MG Drone

An automated Drone that follows the player arround the map and targets nearby enemies with its MG Turret dealing 6 dmg per bullet, firing at 360 rpm.

Laser Drone

An automated Drone that follows the player arround the map and targets nearby enemies with its laser cannon that take a second to heat up before dealing 200 dmg per second.

Healing Drone

An automated Drone that follows the player arround the map and heals the player for 8 HP every .5 sec


There are a number of maps uniques to Survival Mode with different layouts, number and size of bases, and strategies to success. The different maps also work for different preferred play-session length(s). There's a reason why "The Long Haul" has that name.

Stomping Grounds

The Standard Survival training simulations map. Features 1 base to defend and plenty of pre-built cover. Great for trainees.


Crossroad lacks virtually any form of cover forcing players to rely soley on skill and reflexes to survive. Crossroad only has one large base for players to defend in the center and enemies can only come from 1 of 4 directions, with no cover to protect them either. Teams will have to work together to keep enemies pushed back and away from the base.

The Long Shore

The Long Haul features 2 small bases on the frontline and 1 major base in the players' respawn area. This map is for players looking for a long play session with their team.


In the middle of... somewhere... no bases to defend, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide... survive... or die...