The Enemies of is filled with a wide variety of deadly enemies for you to shoot at. Most enemies are found in small clusters, unless they're charging at you guns blazing. Among the regular enemy types, you'll also run into boss enemies that are as tough as they are mean.


Bosses are usually larger than your average enemy, or player, and require much more damage and endurance to takedown that most enemies. Be careful not to get pinched by other enemies, or enemy players, when attempting to take one down.

Big Boss

Health: 2000HP
Damage: 4 DMG per bullet
Rate of Fire: 600 RPM
Movement Speed: 2u/sec
XP Value: 350xp

The aptly named Big Boss is a large hulking enemy that can take a lot of punishment before he falls. The Big Boss continuously fires a chaingun that punishes players caught in the open. Persistence is key when fighting the Big Boss, as he begins to regenerate his lost health after not taking damage for several seconds.


Health: 1200HP
Damage: 120 DMG (+50 DMG on direct hit)
Rate of Fire: 36 RPM
Movement Speed: 3u/sec
XP Value: 350xp

The Bombarder is Big Boss's "little brother", carrying two Rocket Launchers which is fires in alternating succession. Try not to get cornered... or group up...


Health: 800HP
Damage: 60 DMG
Rate of Fire: 180 RPM
Movement Speed: 8u/sec
XP Value: 300xp

Plasmoid may have less health than other bosses, but his Plasma Launcher and high mobility more than make up for is lower health. The Plasmoid will attempt to strafe circles around you while slinging deadly plasma at you to melt your health away. Don't let him.